Tens of thousands of people paint in their leisure time. In painting, they unleash their inner self. It is important when any one is painting, regardless of his age, status, time, and the circumstances, he be honest with himself and the idea he express should be, his own.Here then is works of art, paintings, which are appealing and beautiful. This is a collective effort, of a group of artists in the web site www.directoryartist.net. The mastermind behind this wonderful idea was Subhash, who had conceived, designed and maintains, this website to exhibit, not less than ten artists in this wider frame. The artists will be exhibiting 48 paintings in different mediums like Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital etc, with limited duration, from 30 June 2003 to 30 Jul 2003.
Gopakumar R, Jaleela Meera, Jaya Subramonian, Rajan. T C, Ramachandran.N, Prof. Sanathanan.M (former principal of Fine Arts College), Subhash. S, Varghese Punalur, Velayudhan Nair.TT, Vijayan Neyyattinkara are the main contributors to the gallery, which consisted of 48 paintings with great caliber. We are stuck at once by their charm and surge. Subhash, the impetuous, personality behind the whole idea, points towards the incredible advantages of a virtual gallery. The artist need not worry about the frames, as the virtual framing of the painting, is possible. The expensive brochures are not necessary, as they make a page with the profile of the artist, himself. The visitor can take printout of the artistbs profile and information. The transportation cost can be omitted as the original works are safe at home and altogether it is very cost effective.
Subhash vouches on the success of the virtual gallery by the extensive responses from the visitors, which is too good and sometime better than the conventional galleries.Subhash, has launched this website, in Nov 2001, and the first exhibition hosted on 1stMarch 2002. This is the 12th exhibition, in the long list. Quote: When the memberbs of Kerala Chitrakala Parishath, Trivandrum, Kerala, was planning an exhibition in Bangalore under the leadership of Prof. Sanathanan.M (former Principal, College of Fine Arts), I found it was very hard, tiresome and expensive job, and Prof. Sanathanan.M, had to struggle a great deal, to get the gallery space booked. This was the turning point for me, which inspired me to design a Gallery, where any artist can exhibit their works for a specific period with a wider exposure.
Subhash, has tried to introduce, group shows, for the members of Kerala Chitrakala Parishath, Trivandrum, with some media coverage, which eventually proved to be successful. The purpose of this site is quite simple, those who love art can enjoy works of art, enjoy reading the profiles of artist and their career graphs, and of course, collect or buy paintings of their choice, not for any judgmental ideas.
Subhash, is not only an artist, himself, but he has been equally aware of qualms that has been in and around him and the letters written by him and published in medias are also available on his profile. A letter written by him, on Noise Pollution, to all the Ministers in kerala government and to the medias, had snapped opened the eyes of environmentalist as well the authorities, which had resulted in an official order from DGP (Director General of police) restricting the use of loudspeakers, in public places.The media coverage of the Paintings Exhibition has been quite wide and extensive.
The news papers including, The Hindu (27 Jun 03), Weekend Express (28 Jun 03), Malayala Manorama (29 Jun 03), Metro Plus (30 Jun 03), New Indian Express (30 Jun 03), Mathrubhoomi (1 Jul 03), Weekend Express (5 Jul 03), Sunday Express (13 Jul 03), Sunday Express (20 Jul 03) and popular medias like Kairali TV News (1 Jul 03) Noon, Asianet News Channel (2 Jul 03) Evening 7pm. Asianet News Channel, bJillakaliloodeb (4 Jul 03) Evening 6.30pm.
You can visit the website bDirectoryartistb