My Dad

Another 24th
Days go past us winds of season,
Never gone past the days and years
Get stuck in some ear and age
That engulf us like mirages in deserts.
One such mirage is my Dadb in my life,
Always in front of me,waiting for me,
Yet i never reach there in time be near,
So near to me yet so far away.
Never did he forsake me,in life
Never for moment,never for a day,
Always beside me when i needed the most,
A dear friend,a true companion,a great dad.
He suggested,the best books for me to read
But never pushed them into my hands,
A mear suggestion about the inputs
Next thing i know,i have my hands full.
He sang tunebs thatbs soothing,melodious,
But never forced me to listen any songs,
A mear suggestion about the notes in them,
Passion for music began with his notes.
His acquaintances,colleagues becomes friends,
Value of friends in life is enormous,
Friends are like cool breeze in mornings,
Surround life with them,now i have endless nobs.
Life has ups and downs,but never fear them,
Face them and find solutions for them,
This life is too small for us to sit and fear,
So i tried, yet fear engulfed me.
He came back into my life in many forms,
Beating death, faced me with many a face,
As friends,note of music,verses from books
He never left me and my life, my Dad.