My dreams shattered into droplets of dews waiting to be frozenb&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&..
This is a draft that i made to give in the bReaders Columnb in Times of Oman, but somehow my hopes went astray, neither did they respond nor did they publish what i wrote, used my name and in place of my wordings inserted the most secure birrelevantb wordsb&b&b&b&b&..
Here is a desperate mail from a desperate reader. Until I narrate the pathetic saga of the last two weeks, may be you might not get the b real picture.b So, here we gob& With morning coffee in hand, I am in front of my laptop, clicking bG-talk.b The only response is bnetwork error.b I try other networks of Gmail. All in a shambles! Could be some bmajorb work of Oman Tel, which happens quite often, I have noticed since I relocated to Oman a year ago.
After a few hours of frantic calls to friends, reformatting Internet options and restarting my laptop, I decide to make an SOS to to Oman-Tel. I dial 1313. It rings! A sweet lady directs me to press b2b for English and b3b for other services, before politely asking me to wait. The call goes to the attendant andb& bBANG!b Do they really bang phones down? Canbt bebmay be itbs my phone. I try again. 1313 b&2b&3b& waitb& BANG! Again!
I connect through Oman-Tel to other mail-servers of Hotmail, Yahoo, except to those pages that has any link to Google. I am sure many people, offices, called and tried to get in touch with Oman-Tel, which, well, just banged. Itbs obviously not a Google problem, because it opens on and off. I donbt think Oman-Tel is blocking it. There may be a technical error. But how does one know if they keep banging the phone?
I thought of b and found b the next best option after a week: Newspaper Readerbs Column. Not that every one reads it, but some of the Google fans just might. Once they do, this would be talked about and Google will surely look into it.
Through Google, we access bBlogsb which I find are very interactive platforms for people who have convictions and a longing to have them heard and discussed around the world. I have been writing blogs for many years. Now it looks like my years of toil have been to no avail. Alas! I cannot log into Gmail. For people like me, bBloggingb is a place to speak up, pour out, or just think aloudb& If anyone is seeing or listening or reading this, please do respond. Others keep trying 1313.
Does it ring a bell?