Dedicated to My Mother bWho left me in 2002, to fend and fret for my life, which i still as hard as, life in itselfb&b&b&b&
mother oh mother,
where artb thou,
up in the sky down in the earth,
in lands far away,all my aches and all my pains,
where will I go with all my worries,
who will be there to comfort me,
who will be there to wipe my tears,
with a wisp of your handlike a wispering wind you,
you pour comforts in my ears,
just as the wind wipes away the dust ,
you wipe my tears,
with the wind of your love,mother,
I am drowning,in my own sorrow,
I am going deep into the fathom lessnes,
I long for you,
Mother,where artb thou