Mr.Seetharaman, Acting General manager of Doha Bank, is one who has gone a long way to achieve, desired results, which has resulted in rewards and awards in the recent past.

Focusing on SMART ideas i.e., S-pecific, M-easurable, A-chievable realistic, and T-ime bound ideas, we are witnessing Transformational Banking systems, erasing the old transactional systems of virtual contact to actual contact, and the processes are endless.
Mr.Seetharaman, Acting General manager of Doha Bank, is one who has gone a long way to achieve, desired results, which has resulted in rewards and awards in the recent past. The Banker, the international banking magazine based in London, bestowed on Doha Bank,b The Best Bank in Qatar for 2004bfor a second consecutive year. Doha bank is one of the nine banks in the world, which has successfully been awarded the BS7799 security certification for banks, for various operations.
Finding his roots from the State of Chennai (TamilNadu) in India, the district of Thanjovoor, provided the educational platform to complete school and University, specializing in the field of commerce and graduating as a gold medalist. Seeking to expand his knowledge he ventured to study Chartered accounting (CA) and was able to complete the course from the city of opportunities-Mumbai. His career path was mapped by joining a global accounting firm in Mumbai, which later provided the opportunity to take up a foreign assignment in the United Kingdom-London, then to work with The Bank Muscat in Oman, and for the past 2 1/2 years establishing himself, with Doha Bank in Qatar.
During college days he was associated with theater and Drama at the time when Shivaji Ganeshan the epitome of Tamil cinema was reining the silver screen. Seethraman has to his credit a few stage shows which are based on mythological characters which were staged by the Sooryakanti Theaters, during the year 1977. Building on family values, and respect to culture and tradition, Mr. Seetha Raman, cultivated a holistic approach to map his lifebs progress. This treasured component of values, tradition, and culture is credited to his parents who provided adequate support thus inculcating these essential elements, in his lifebs journey.
Walking the fast lane, we see Mr. Raman as one who has adjusted his physical clock and compass, thus able to put into perspective quick response, and direction. Possessing the characteristics of an Arian born on the 4th of April, loves the color blue, with immaculate dressing habits, with a choice of right combinations in selecting Shirts and Suites thus bringing in a homogeneous match of shades, ideal to wear for the occasion. The Italian designs, of Carreuti are one of his favorites, but prefers Indian Designer makes. Choosing his own wear, enables him to present that required distinguished look, with the bow ties and vivid colored pocket handkerchiefs. To maintain a sound mind and body, the choice to be a vegetarian has provided for his mental abundance and health.
On topics like Qatar schools and communities Mr. Seethamram maintained a more restraint attitude than the enthusiastic passion he has with bBankingb. Opportunities are available world over in telecommunication, and Information Technology, for every one. The Indian community remains the most preferred man power in every segment, be it skilled or unskilled. Though the job security in the gulf is not guaranteed, there are many avenues and options available. Contrary to the widely held perceptions, Indians are hard working and have real potential in maintaining standards. There are areas where we have limitations, for instance, skill in communications and refinement in our organizing capacity, comments Seetharaman. Viewing the education system, in Qatar Mr. Raman recommends, providing a competitive and ever progressing process systems, which would put the Schools into good stead with parents and produce the desired results. This line of reasoning of Mr.Raman helps to explain recent initiatives from, some prominent schools from India. Keeping in stride with the social issues, Seetharaman, who had been the chief guest in an anti smoking campaign and received the first copy of the newsletter from the minister, affirmed that Doha Bank would give the anti-smoking movement due importance.
Seetharaman, in his capacity as Acting General Manager used the process of empowerment to extend services to corporate, retail areas of banking, treasury, investment, project and corporate finance advisory services, brokerage, IPO and wealth management. Focusing on more productivity and modernizations, Mr. Raman saysb We understand our customers and have customer driven products and services, like home loans, Auto loans, and childrenbs savings clubb. We have tailored made products suited to their need and we communicate and deliver the goods to their satisfaction. Being the pioneers in SMS banking, the bank offers to settle bills and invoices through SMS. Taking pride in the achievements, he mentions bWe offer credit card free for life, which has real value, added to it. Contrary to modernizations, my strength was the feasibility of acquiring the knowledge of accountingb. Doha Bank is the largest private sector bank in Qatar, with over 50,000 customers serviced through a network of 16 branches 4 pay offices and 63 ATM facilities, which is the only bank in Qatar who has marked its presence in USA with its New York operations. In his address to the public, Doha Bank Chairman Mr. Salah Mohamed al-Jaidah credits the success to teambuilding, as mentioned bI compliment my Acting General Manager R Seetharaman and his team, who have successfully been able to re-engineer the variety of products to benefit the customers constantly, and there is more in the offingb. Interestingly, such vast choice of modernizations does not make task any easier. bI.T. infrastructure must be highly dependable and robust to run the business and maximize profitabilityb.b said Mr. R.Seetharaman.
Let success roll onb&b&b&..