Homemade Mixed Fruit Jam is a simple and delicious mix of fruits.I never thought would be making jam at home but while browsing through the website of Sarabs corner, i could not resist myself, since all the fruits she used were at home plus i have Gavua tree right across my room. I did make my own ,additions and exceptions since i didnbt have couple of ingredients.Slightly changed the recipe, it tasted delicious.Everyone will surely love it,since it has not preservatives and tastes yum.

Step by Step Picture Illustrations too.
Strawberry b 6
Apple b 1
Banana b 2
Guava b 1
Brown sugar/White sugar b 1 cup
Vinegar b 1/2 tsp
China Grass b few strand(10 Gms)
Soak China grass in water.Wash and do not remove skin, de vain the apple and cut the fruits into pieces. Grind the fruits to smooth paste.Heat a non stick pan, put the soaked china grass with 1/2 cup water on a low fire and allow it to dissolve.Add the fruit pulp to fully melted china grass and keep stirring.The color does starts changing and the bubbles starts,the rawness leaves the fruit pulp.Here add sugar and stir.It will be in liquid form, keep stirring until it thickens.Remove the paste from sides and keep stirring till its bubbling and turns to a deep red color.Off the fire and add the vinegar.Allow it to cool.
Soak china grass strands in water.

Wash and de vain and de seeds the fruits and cut into pieces .
Heat non stick pan, boil the china grass with 1/2 cup on low fire till it dissolve.

Grind all the fruits to a paste.
Add fruit pulp to the dissolved china grass and stir well.
While stirring add sugar .
Mix and keep stirring
It will be in liquid consistency

Remove the paste from fire and add vinegar.