Unexpected and unplanned words spoken,
By a friend, yet she has always been there.
Much as I expected her to sympathies,
The action went a step ahead unpredicted.
Conversations leads to one another,
And crucial as it turned out to be,
The directions very clear and definite,
Purpose of a clear cut meaningful heart .
Unforeseen realms of pain washed away,
With the proper guidelines and approach,
The lucid direction were given,
Elected, taken with much hope and life.
The very confidence thats been given,
True purpose of life laid in a platter,
The unknown fears washed away in jiffy
The mindset reinstated unpredicted.
Whom do I thank for unforeseen turn of life?
None but a friend, everlasting and faithful,
She handed out the gift of life to me,
Unrewarded, total meaning reinstated.
How I would I react is unpredicted!
Yet, gratitude engulfed the heart relentlessly,
Words was not enough to express significance,
Bowed myself to her feet a thousand times.