In Basic English Bible its written in the book of Joshua 1:3,b&..Every place on which you put your foot I have given to you, as I said to Mosesb
Did you know the sole of your foot is your bsecond heartb?
Sound strange, yet reality.
The very inspiration came from these wonderful feet you see here,which belongs to a friend of mine,Shoba.She painted and decorated her feet for reasons,she cherishesb to cheer up the heart of a handicapped 12 year old girl.Bravo Shoba,you have done a bout of the ordinary bthing in life,by doing so.
I am sure many of us never even bothered,or given a second look,might be ignoranceof the very bsecond heartb.We disregarded the very heard that carried us all though they thick,thin and rough terrainbs of life and roads.
Have you ever thought of pampering our feet,once in a while for never having complaint,bickering or nagging??If not then,time to start,this very minute!!!.Have a foot massage once in a while,rejuvenate yourself where all your nerves and the entire body system is mapped out.
Many of you may have heard of reflexology and how many parts of your bodycan be affected by stimulating your feet.An especially significant point inyour feet is called your Yong-chun in Korean.It is the end of the kidneymeridian in your body.Stimulating this point can both calm and strengthen you,among other benefits both physical and psychological.
Sole Patting: BenefitbSignificantly bolsters brain function.The feet arelike a bsecond heart.b They are vital in orchestrating proper blood circulation. When the soles of the feet are stimulated,you will begin tonotice a heightened sense of clarity,focus and concentration.
Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you.Bend one leg and bring the ankle over the knee of the other leg.Make a fist with your thumb tucked inside your hand.With the pinky side of your fist, pound the sole of your foot strongly 30times.Alternately, you could use a wooden stick to press the soles of the feet.Pay attention to your Ki 1 (Yong-chun) acupressure points.Repeat with the other foot.
Time to start the pampering, bthe second heartb
PS: technical informationbs are collected from the net.
The feet belong to Shobha Balachandarb
This design was done on shobhabs feet by a handicapped 12 year old girl
The Second Heart