When a person goes into a theatre, he or she sits back and watch what is going on the silver screen. But the film maker is someone who shows us where the viewersb minds go; what they like; what they crave for. It is the film makerbs with that make the people enjoying. And the film making is an art itself. It can be learnt; it can be taught.
There are young and aspiring artists around us desirous to know about the art of film making itself. And fortunately enough the artists with hidden talents would not have to wait for long, as they have a golden opportunity for knowing about the etire process of film making at their door, in their city, Muscat and Oman. As one of the rare opportunities in our cities, we have been fortunate to have among us the film personalities like Ms. Fowzia Fathima (Cinematographer), Mr. B. Ajithkumar (Film Editor) and Razi (Art Director). The company and the closeness of these artists carrying fame in their respective fields would share their experience with us; during the tenure of the classes, they all will acquaint us with various fields, ranging from bbasic guidanceb to the difficult btechnical aspectsb concerning the process of filmmaking.
For those who wish to develop their natural skill with professional touch, the classes are organised for six days, and will be conducted in association with Jeevan Omaniyam. The venue of the classes is at Passage to India restaurant, Hattat House Compound, Wadi Adi Roundabout. The involvement of women participants is especially encouraged; as such an opportunity could be a stepping stone for an aspiring artist. Participation from those women who want absolute opportunities for entering the vast field of films, T. V. Serials, Music Videos and even the world of advertisement is heartily welcome. They introduce maestrob movies to the participants includes Bergman, Tarkovesky , Chaplin and more. It would certainly be a unique workshop on film making aimed at providing brudimentary guidanceb and chances for the new comers to this field. More over we intent bwomen participationb as a footstep forward to multilevel acceptance. This workshop thus can be emphasized as bFilm and Femaleb. We expect participation from all nationalities and we offer classes in international standard.
During the period of six days days, the participants would have opportunity to be and engage themselves with a person like Sudha Shab& In addition to being a writer and a film maker herself, Shdha is a woman of substance. Her efforts in making this event possible are beyond praise. The Hosting function would be a star studded one. In addition to the films personalities mentioned above, the function would witness the attendance of many known personalities. The presence of Dr. Khaled Abdul Raheem Ali al Zadjali, the director of Omani Film Industry, would be an additional boost to the enthusiasm of the participants. The well-known personalities like Dr Ratnakumar, head of The New India Assurance and Mr. Abdullah Abi Salam, from Lakshmi Kothaneth would add more shine to the whole event.
You can also be a member of the official group they are forming in association with the Film Society of Muscat and all details of the upcoming workshops and information are available in this blog : http://moviemct.blogspot.com/