What do you feel today?Lingering absence of loss,
Do you still feel the cold, left out feeling,?
Is this how you allow yourself to feel about dad!
Though we miss their presence every day.
Today is indisputably not much different
Thoughts of his last breath comes often
But again detour them from mind
Never understood why devotion had to leave!
Walk around as if melancholy never exists,
Am I looming over stifled bouts of sadness!
The void never fulfill, no matter what!
No reasons ever enough to console minds.
Itbs hypocritical to be moaning around
Thoughts never leap forward on other days
Arenbt they part of your every day routine?
Feel them alongside each day, unconditionally.
Each tear we shed reach them like streams,
Making them anxious to run back to us,
Impossible but hearts runs through the wind,
Reassuring with a touch, oblivious to many.
Reality still remains the same, harsh, unrelenting,
Life reassures, relative comforts, friendbs supports,
Yet vacuum remains same, big enough to engulf,
Undying wind of love, remains strong as ever.