Sun Water Air

Standing beside the sun water and air,
Godbs medium to life for man, his children,
Alone here, but in glory I breathe and dwell.
Breath of fresh air that swing around me
While I bow down to tensions yet endure,
Persist always, though choice less along life.
Light so bright, resilience many shine on me,
Yet they donbt alter my abiding solitude,
My minds isolation that none ever glimpsed.
Waves hugged the shores endlessly with bliss,
Land never asked hitherto loved and caressed,
Still the hunger in me never abates nor sated.
Reasons WHY has no answers that pleased me,
Searched for impetus reasons for fairy-tale,
God the ultimate glory has goals unquestioned.
Trusting his solicit love for offspringbs,
I found my love and reasons for questions,
Answers delivered to me unquenched, candid.