I am Sapna Anu B. George.I find joy in simple things that life offers. My fascination with the endless possibilities of language prompted me to direct my studies towards a Master’s Degree in English Literature and later, a Diploma in Journalism and Tourism. Looking back, I am glad to have made the choice to enjoy my family over the temptation of being a career woman- the choice that has made me who I am today, a happy woman who has had all the time to pursue her passions and hobbies without having to worry about missing out on any of life’s blessings.
I am a Proactive and Creative Personality, who is able to Conceptualize, Evolve and Develop around a wide range of topics, related to People Profiles, Culture, Art, Theatre, Movies and news from the Middle East.
I utilize my Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic abilities and possess the right attitude to approach every intricate topic with the ‘End in Mind’. I enjoy the role of a Poet, Columnist and Journalist, and all these versatile interests steered in from writing blogs. It taught me, showed me how to choose the subjects, make my own voice heard, get my opinions to be accepted and noticed. I have miles to go before i reach my goal of being an acclaimed author .
A Review of Sapna Anu B. George’s poems by Naval Langa
Painting and poetry has one thing similar in them: they both are coming from the heart of a person. Here is one review of a poem by the poetess who writes from bottom of her heart.
If the poetry is to evoke emotional responses; if the lines of a poem are to create a sensual atmosphere; here are some lines that do the same thing with superb sophistication. The poems written by Sapna lead us to a different land of imagination and help getting literary pleasure. She has in store, as she says in one of her poems that, ‘The long pile of stories of life, unfolded, into thy lap, with tears…’ While explaining the human sorrows, she shows us a path of optimism in the same breath: solutions came, step to be taken for… knock knock knock, are we there?…
Poetess Sapna George believes, and tries to establish too, that ‘without leap of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities’. She does not limit her possibilities; she took the help of images to transmit her emotions into the words. Here in this poem she has taken ‘Father’ as an image to reveal what she has in her mind, as she says about her father that: he never left my hand for a moment, ever since I was born. In these lines of her poems, she lets her lifelong memories to escape and fly in the sky of love and reverence. See, how she longs for her father; how she misses his presence: Never did he forsake me, in life Never for moment, never for a day, Always beside me when I needed the most,
Human mind takes support of images while conveying messages to others. It is usual for a poet or an artist to use this mechanism of using extended images. Once the artists or a poet enters the larger scale of imagination, the world is much wider for him or her. In this poem, the Indian poetess, Sapna George has tried conveying a message, packed with emotion and reverence.
For us, the humans, especially for the women, a father is a pivotal figure in the world of emotion. Hardly a woman misses to remember her father, as he is the person around whom she has erected a tower of hopes; under whose eyes she has built a castle for security. This feeling leaps out and takes the form of the words like ………..
‘Never did he forsake me, in life
Never for moment, never for a day
Always beside me when I needed the most.’