Reena Mary Thomas is an accomplished Painter, with a style of her own called Monochrome
Reena Mary Thomas has a distinct style in her representation of nature, with which she experiments with the color of brown. Contrary to the misconception about artists, Reena is devoted to her calling. She adapted to a style of her own, with out any formal training. As a child, her uncle had motivated her to express herself in the world of colors. She paints landscapes, which she considers as her signature expression, into which she immerses herself. When she is painting, in the words of the artist herself, bmy mind wonders through unseen places and it draws me closer to natureb. Reena draws her inspiration from beautiful places, a certain event but more often than not, nature in particular. Quote bYes, almost all elements of nature inspire me because nature is our ultimate source of informationb. In the process of experimenting with the vastness of the subject and splash of paints, Reenabs paintings has matured into an intricate interplay of light and colors. Her paintings display a sense of belonging to the autumn season and her love of nature. She uses monochrome, as the method to express her landscapes. bMonochromeb method of painting is bPainting done in a single hue. That is paintings & drawings or reproductions done in a Single Colour, or in tones of grayb. Reena has completed her Masters in Physics and devoted her entire time for serious paintings, which altered her painting from rough treatments to a more mature art form. She is currently based in Chennai. Her works adorn some prized corporate and private collections in Chennai and abroad. You can visit her web site for a peek into some of her paintings. Quote bI have miles to go before I can call my self an accomplished artistb adds to her ever humble nature and simplicity. She admires all the outstanding figures in the world of Art nb Paint, but her favourites have been John Constable, Raja Ravi Varma and the Hudson River school painters. She loves Malayalam comedy movies and listens to classical music, loves spicy Indian food. As an epilogue Reena would like to add this testimony, bI am a Christian believer and am sure that whatever I am able to do as a painter is only because of my faith in the Lord Jesus. I paint landscapes and have of late started exploring abstracts too.b
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