Mothers Day

Explanations explanation and more explanations
A Day for bMotherb! Since days and lives are for Mothers?
Never meant to question, yet explanations were apparent,
Indebtedness of the moment made it special.
Each day each breath and each moment each second,
Being appreciated by those whom you love the most.
Never asked for anything, never wished for gratitude,
Yet a thank you was much needed, just as hug.
Daily routine daily life daily work daily expressions,
Change never happens and yet life is intriguing to me
Same old habitual day of a mother, yet I enjoy them,
Look forward to the mysterious next days.
Do I want to be appreciated? Do I wait for words of praise?
Yes, my heart wait for the hug, words of thank you and love you,
Was I supposed to be unconditional, unfathomed sea of love,
Yet even the meanest of the creatures needs acceptance.
Never will I ask, never will I point at, never will I request,
Yet I waited to be hugged, loved, appreciated and told,
Being a mother I am the best and nobody will swap me,
Ever take my aboard,eminence and warmth.
Do I need to more clearly, do I need to more elaborate,
Havenbt I proved myself enough to be asked and told?
Everyone expects wages, to be prized for good deed
Words are not prized, a hug is not listed, for mothers?