Day in and Day out.
The longer the days ,
the faster the thoughts run,
running so fast as time,
never stopping for nothing
Have you ever thought!
what made your run and toil!
run after the day and time
which never waits for you.
Never thinking ,if you reached
Never looking back over shoulder,
to make sure you are not missing.
The loss happens with time,
never thinking the status,
never thinking about who,
where how and what and when?
loss and absence does happen,
which makes every one equal.
Death,the moment of loss,
the moment of absence,
which none has any control
none cross over the hazard.
Is this the answer to life?
Our goal of life ends there?
Do we stop life and death
with fear of loosing and absence.
In fact that becomes a target.
Before loss and death,
we need to achieve goals
which are destined and ordained.
Decided by the almighty who
gave us the death and life.
The answer lies there,
the perfect answer and full stop.