originally uploaded by Dr. Nidhi Marathe.
Step by step you showed me the way,
Never did you struggle nor did I fear.
The strength that you passed over
Always leading the way to wisdom.
Years went by and life carried over
Many years thick and thin, in line,
Neither did you oblige me to live
Yet you lead the way, each time.
Passed over many hindrance in life,
Stressed out with no solutions ever,
A hand always touched from behind,
Assured me to go ahead with live.
Deepwaterbs never gives me no fear,
Tall mountains give me courage to climb
Hazardsb in life makes me crave for more
I look back into your eyes for positive light.
The light that leads me with courage
Never allowed me down, not one step,
Always pointed bbelieve in yourselfb
Nothing will stop u from success.