Green tomato b 10
cut the tomatoesb to thin slices and add salt and keep aside.
Small Garlic/or garlic cut- 5
Ginger Garlic paste- 2 TBSP
Fenugreek powder- 1 TSP
Asfodita b 1 TSP
Salt to taste
Gingili oil- 1/4 cup (use coconut or sunflower oil)
Curry leaves
Green chili- 4 slit in middle
Mustard b 1/2 TSP
Red chili powder b 2TBSP
Add oil to the frying pan, with mustard and few fenugreek seeds too. Once they start crackling, add the cut garlic, before the color changes add, the ginger garlic paste, fenugreek powder. Mix well, add the tomatoesb and here add your red chilies, green chilies and cook for another ten minutes, adding little more water, if necessary. Add the asfodita and adjust your tangy taste by adding a spoonful of vinegar.