As opposed to the usual x mas and early turning in , since we have nothing else to do in the desserts that we live, we had a terrific and memorable christmas in 2008. We had christmas at home in Trivandrum.
The day started with mummybs prayer and breakfast which is the yummiest part of the day. The palappam(laced dosa) and chicken stew,which is a tradition at all christian families
Mummy cut the cake and the x mas celebrations starts with breakfast .
We all gathered in the portico(foyer) of the house for the firecrackers which was bought the day before and hidden from the kids. To the shopkeepers, suprise and wonderstuck eyesb the 1500 Rs worth of crakers was asked to be doubled in quantity which splashed a big blasts of crackers from his own eyes.
The started with big blasts of crackers which s done by the master cracker bGudu mathaib whom we fondly call Biju.But with the sound polution that he created , terrorised the peace of the RP Lane,our home ground.
Fire crackers in full swing with kids.
Action in full swing with kids and the bigger kids.
The conclusion was a shower of big sounds and showers of small lights. We bid goodbye to 2008 x mas. Though we will not forget it either , we managed to leave good memories for kids to keep in their hearts, for a long long time.