Another 8th Year

The Malayalam Version
8 years passed away, in oblivion,
Years that went past in silence
Yet the emptiness widenes more.
The comfort and reasons failed
Whenever i tried to run after them ,
Nothing ever replaced your warmth.
I still feel your soothing smileb
You painted my life with happiness
Stopped me from going astray.
I pulled away from thoughts of you,
Aches and pains of your absences,
Which never left my heart in peace.
Let me love you with all my heart,
Everyday of my life and years to come,
As God says, think good, think gratitude.
The mother in me will always cherish
Those lovely moments you bestowed
In return ,condensed all into my daughter.
The smile i get from her compensates,
For the vacuum you have left behind,
She showers me with love of b youb.