Pradeep Somasundaram b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&..
b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&An illustriously amazing songs Sung with sound thats hevenlyLocked up in beats or versesOf songs that are God sent b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&.
As the name brings in ,little sparks of recognition, a twitch to the eye, to anyone from the land of backwatersb&b&..ohh yes himb&b&. sweet melodious songsb&b&b&.Pradeep Somasundaran is a singer with unique heart. He started his Karnatic/music training at an age of 12 and started his performing career at the age of 16. He worked with All India Radio and Doordarshan. He sings classical Karnatic, Film Music, Ghazals, Devotional songs etc, in Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English &b&b&b&b&b&b&, Japanese languages. A vivacious traveler, himself, he has explored, many countries for musical performances, like UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar. All his songs and further details are in the websiteb&.
Done his higher studies in Electronics and currently working as a Lecturer & Head of Department of Electronics at the Govt. College of Applied Science, Kerala, managed by Institute of Human Resources Development. He also conducts lecture demonstration programs on different dialects of music and regularly appears in many popular T.V programs Pradeep feels he has been neglected by the so called Malayalam film industry that which has never discouraged his inner soul whobs dedication to music, nor to the Malayalam film songs. Pradeep is a humble listener and admirer of Padmasree Yesudas. He never insisted
or demanded to be entitled as a singer in any movies. Great admirer of the new generation singers, Pradeep is always ready to sing/experiment with any language, he was not ready fall on anyonebs feet for opportunitiesb. Recently on Surya TV, he sang for the serial Guruvayur keshavanb&b&b&b&which is a big hitb&.music by Vidyadharan and lyrics by Gireesh Puthencherry.
A real shattering truth of not being recognize by his own people stands tall and stout .His passion for Malayalam is definitely a truth which is yet to be acknowledge by the people bof God own countryb . A very friendly lively talkative person, ready to take the cross for the crusade that grip the image of music, anytime ,anywhere.
Pradeep has composed himself and found the point in life with synchronization bThe Art of Living Basic Courseb in the beginning of 2004 ! It completely transformed his individuality and gave new direction to his expressions . You can listern to all heart warming songs of pradeep from this linkb&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&b&
He concludes with hope of persuing new horizons in life with , his own dedication to the music and the Malayalam music industry. He sang one of the compositions of Donna Mayoorabs composition, which you can listen in this link