Long long ago we walked to the school
Hand in hand, we stepped over leaves,
Wandered through many familiar ways
But she remained a cherished friend.
Lost her alongside the way of life
Roads alienated without consent,
Cold and merciless gap of loss.
Time remained vulnerable always
But she remained in heart with love.
Shared many secrets i had in mind,
Never knew if ever she understood.
Ever tried to empathize sentiments,
That matured with me and time,
But left behind chronicle of life.
New realms and lands engulfed time,
Walked past me friends countless,
None strike a chord of her, yet she lasted
Ever so sweet as she had always been,
Never did she peeped back at me.
Though news of her, growing up walked in
Always heed with much enthusiasm
Time, void and cruel kept us isolated,
With questions that are silly and sad,
But mind often beat with intense care.
Relationship resurrected with technology,
The intense bond felt seems to be past.
Days spend through keyboard message,
Seems to have reversed the present tense.
But past never befall present for feelings.
She remained precious in hearts that beats
Never withered the friendship,
But remained calm on birthdays
Wishing the very best God ordained.
But she always pleads the best things ever.