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Mother Mary- Paper Mosaic

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Paper-Mosaic-imgMosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative artor interior decoration. Most mosaics are made of small, flat, roughly square, pieces of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserae; but mosaics, especially floor mosaics, may also be made of small rounded pieces of stone, and called bpebble mosaicsb. They were traditionally made with bits of tile or glass, but a paper mosaic is a great project for art classes and for parents to do with their kids. The only rule is to have fun. At the same time, it also increases onebs ability to develop his/her sense about beautification and sublimity.The earliest known examples of mosaics made of different materials were found at a temple building in Abra, Mesopotamia, and are dated to the second half of 3rd millennium BC, dating from around 1500 BC.

Paper Mosaic Art

Have you ever tried to create a big design by starting small? You can use little colored pieces of paper to create a mosaic of a realistic picture or an abstract pattern. Itbs a cool effect and a great art craft for you to do.
What Youbll Need:

Assorted colors of paper
Drawing paper

Craft glue Cut assorted paper into 1/2-inch squares. The easiest way to do this is to gather a stack of same-color papers, measure and mark 1/2-inch then cut wide strips. Gather the strips and snip them into squares. Continue with the other colors, keeping the colors separate.
Draw an outline of a simple picture on a piece of drawing paper or a canvas. Start by covering the outline of your picture with the paper squares. Glue the squares down one by one, leaving a little space between each piece. Then fill in the design and the background, following the shape of your outline.
Color coordinate and be specific in your direction of the squares according to your design, for example, to the direction of the sleeve of cloth or the direction of the leaf or a rose petal that does not change according to the design.